Law Code of Hammurabi

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Everything and everyone has a history. Things and materials do not just appear on this earth. They all have beginning. It’s very interesting to see where things got started. How we came to evolve to the way we are today. Everything is so interesting, but the thing that has caught my attention more is The Code of Hammurabi. According to Judith Levin, The Code of Hammurabi was discovered in the winter of 1902 and 1903 while digging up the site of ancient city of Susa, present day Iran. They found three large shiny pieces of shiny black stone that formed a monument almost seven and a half feet tall (13). The writing was in the script of cuneiform.

In essence The Code of Hammurabi was the first set of laws ever established. It was an ‘eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth’ kind of laws. You killed someone…someone will kill you. Hammurabi was king of Babylon about 4,000 years ago. Babylon was the land between the rivers, the rivers being Tigris and the Euphrates. He proclaimed that he was “Hammurabi, King of Justice.” That he protected the weak – poor people, widows, orphans- from the powerful (Levin).

I chose to compare some of the law codes in Hammurabi’s Law Codes and some amendments from the United States Constitution. The Code of Hammurabi was believed to be written 1727 BCE ( The United States Constitution was ratified 1788. The Code of Hammurabi being one of the first written laws and regulations to the laws and regulations we live by today. I found interesting because knowing where we first started shows how much the human race has changed.

When it comes to the characteristics the United States Constitution and Hammurabi’s Law Code have in common both, obviously, are sets of laws. This means that they both have decrees that must be followed. Also, the purpose of both of these laws is to protect and bring justice to the people to whom the rules shall apply. Some...
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