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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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Steven Truscott Case Study

1. The Steven Truscott Case. On June 9th 1959 in Godrich, Ontario 14 year old Steven Truscott was accused of the murder and rape of 12 year old Lynne Harper.

2. Steven was a popular, athletic and intelligent young man at the age of 14 but that all came to an end when he was accused of murder. Steven was the last person seen with Lynne before she was found in the wooded groove on June 11th. In the bush or wooded groove, just before highway 8 and the famous bridge where two witnesses saw Steven and Lynne on his bike riding towards the highway, Lynne Harpers body was found by a military officer. Lynne’s body found lying in the bush naked, with strangle marks around her neck and signs that she had been raped. Although there wasn’t much supporting evidence or motive, Truscott was the last person with her which led to his 10 year imprisonment.


3. The 2 day police investigation that started on Friday June 12, 1959 when Truscott was picked up and brought to the station. After a seven hour interrogation from the police were still not able to get Steven to confess to murder. The only evidence that the police had to support their case against Steven was from another class mate named Jocelyn Gaudet. She had told police that she was approached by Truscott earlier that week and he had asked her to meet her in the same bush where Lynne Harpers body was found. After a police follow through with an alibi, the farmer, he said that he had seen her at the time when Truscott apparently asked her to go to the bush. Then on June 13, 1959 police charge Steven Truscott for the murder of Lynne Harper.

4. The forensic investigation like the police investigation was very inclusive. The forensics did not provide proper information such as the examination on Lynne’s stomach. After examining Lynne Harpers stomach content he was able to prove that she died between the times 7:15 and 7:45. This information was said to be very in accurate and that...
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