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Topics: Property, Copyright, Intellectual property Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: March 12, 2013
The challenge in this case is to make a decision whether the book written by David is legitimately legal does not against the copyright of earlier published articles, or it is classified as an infringement work that copy the existed paper. Rules

This particular case concerns about intellectual property law that emphasize on copyright law protection. Copyright is the exclusive rights to protect the original work from copied by the other people. The law of copyright does protect the expression of the idea of the work. Copyright law specialized in protecting text, images, and other structure of expressions. In Australia, the specification regarding copyright is under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). In order to be protected by the law of copyright, the creation must be a work or subject matter other than works, then the creation must be conceived from the maker’s own skill and effort, and it is should has been articulated in a substance form. After the requirements are fulfilled, the creation is directly protected under the law of copyright even the creator has not register the creator with the authorities and does not show the copyright notice or symbol into their creation. It is the person who first published the idea in material that has the copyright of the creation regardless who is the generator of the idea: Donoghue v Allied Newspapers [1938] Ch 106 Taking certain information and fact that has been published in a different wording and layout is not classified as infringement: John Fairfax and Sons Pty Ltd v Consolidated Press Ltd [1960] SR (NSW) 413

David wants to write his own book with the same stories of the published articles, which is originally from his idea. He needs to consider two factors; whether the published articles are protected by the law of copyright or not and who has the exclusive rights of the work. If the articles are protected and the copyright is not belong to David; he needs to publish the stories in different forms...
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