Law Applicable to Front Office: Europe and the U.S.A.

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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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Europe and U.S.A.: Law Applicable to Front Office
The U.S. law system is somewhat interesting, at least when looking at it from a perspective of a European. In America most laws are part of the common laws, which means they resulted from decisions of judges, made after a case has been presented before a court, where the jury and the judge decide whether such conduct was appropriate or not, after a decision has been made, any further conduct that contradicts this ruling is unlawful. Europe, like in many other aspects is different, for the purposes of this paper I will focus only on Germany and Poland since these are the countries that I’m interested the most, and when I graduate will most likely also work in a hotel there. In Germany the law is laid out by the “Basic Law for the federal Republic of Germany”; laws are comprised of regulations of the civil code (Bürgerliches Gezetzbuch), which is comprised of the public law (öffentliches Recht) and the private law (Pricatrecht). Private law is the law with which companies, like hotels would be concerned with and therefore would have to exercise in every-day practices. In Poland for example, similarly like in Germany, the universal law is the constitution and additional statues are added by the Sejm und Senate, the two bodies of law-making government. Even though these laws are country-specific, both the German and the Polish law have to be compliment with the European Union Law, which is, just like the Federal Law in the U.S., European Union wide. However specifically the hotel law does not have the equal counterpart in the European Union Law, meaning that it is up to the member states to set up laws that govern hotels. There is only one law at the European Union level that indirectly regulates hotels, and that is the contractor’s liability due to beach of contract. One can compare the European Union laws to the Federal Laws in the U.S. because they both apply to all the members of the union however the actual...
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