Law-531 Week 4

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Contract Creation and Management
October 17, 2011
Contract Cron and Management
The objective for the contract creation and management assignment was to review The Nature of Agency video. After watching the video, the assignment asks for an analysis of the issues presented in The Nature of Agency video. The video elaborates on how someone signature can cause the company a lawsuit. In the video, the company Quick Takes Video is facing a collection claims from Non-Linear Pro because of a new editing video system. Issues Presented

In the Nature of Agency video, Quick Takes Video was trying a new video editing trial basis. Non-Linear Pro is the company who leased the trial basis to Quick Takes Video. After receiving poor service from the new editing system, “Quick Takes Video decided to break their lease in the first month instead of trying the trial basis for three months” (Cheeseman, 2010). “Non-Linear Pro is trying to charge Quick Takes Video for a three-month lease that Quick Takes Video assumed they did not sign the lease” (Cheeseman, 2010). After reviewing and inquiring about the lease, the employees discovered that another employee had signed the slip that she thought it was the delivery slip. Actions

Quick Takes Video can be sued although the agent signed the lease. Cases like this, employees needs to pay attention to details and not assume something is what it is not. By signing that one line, this can cause the company major legal issues and lawsuits. All of this could have been avoided if the agent was paying attention to detail. Lack of knowledge and carelessness may cause the company to go out of business, lawsuit, or collection claims that could have been avoided. Conclusion

The contract creation and management paper has elaborated on the Nature of Agency video. It was discovered that the agent failed to pay attention to detail which cause the company to pay for collection claims that were filed against the company. The agent may...
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