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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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Article Review

University of Phoenix

DATE: October 14, 2012
TO: Judge Arthur Anderson
FROM: Edith Abasta
RE: “Why Does E-Business Need IP?”


E-business along with the internet allows an individual to have countless opportunities to grow their business, not only locally, but also state, nation, and worldwide by utilizing the web. With conducting business in this manner also come complications and risks such as identity theft. Just as technology provides the opportunity to grow a business in ways just a few years ago would not cross our minds, it has also transformed the methods of how transactions are being done, and most transactions are now done via the internet. This has substantially lowered the number of smaller businesses that do not have the ability of conducting business over the internet as well as the sales in those that currently exist; this is due to the fact that most people, even with the risk s involved, would rather pay with a credit/debit card (internet transaction) vs. good old’ cash. There are many ways the law has provided in order to protect businesses and consumers from their property. Two of those are patents and trademarks. A patent is how the government provides exclusivity to the inventor of a product, the exclusivity to use or sell the invention for a certain number of years. A trademark can be anything from a picture, symbol, letter, work, and/or a marking that allows the manufacturer to set their goods apart from others to help differentiate them. With e-business comes e-commerce, e-commerce is what provides a business the ability to go through transactions of payments or fees in exchange of a product via an electronic method. For a typical brick and mortar business, the doors would close at one point or another, preventing consumers from obtaining your goods and services, with e-business and e-commerce on the other hand the...