Law 421 Week 3

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Week 3 Individual Assignment
John Herget
December 11, 2012
Mr. Hedeicke

The following paper will examine an article detailing the definition intellectual property. Additionally, it will make example of the laws that govern and protect the creation and use of intellectual property.

Week 3 Individual Assignment
A large business has been made through sales of creations of the mind. These include inventions, artistic works, manuscripts, images, designs and much more. These works are known as Intellectual property. Along with the big business of selling intellectual property comes the need to protect it. It is for this reason that laws have been put in place for the protection of intellectual property. The following paper will make example of an article titled “What makes Trademarks Intellectual property?” as well as make an examination of the different types of legal protections that exist for intellectual property.

The writings which are to be protected are the fruits of intellectual labor. The trade-mark may be, and generally is, the adoption of something already in existence as the distinctive symbol of the party using it. At common law the exclusive right to it grows out of its use, and not its mere adoption. The preceding statement makes an example of the points Ms. Laura Slezinger makes in her article entitled “What makes Trademarks Intellectual property?” The article makes examples of intellectual property and how it is and is not protected by enacted laws and the Constitution of the United States. To begin, Slezinger examines the differences between private property and ownership. Additionally, she makes the point that the right to possess tangible or intellectual property relies solely on societal laws that accept and protect the ideals of possession by individuals. Slezinger argues, through the example of the striking down of the first federal trademark- registration statute in congress, that...
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