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1. In what ways is Laurie changed after starting kindergarten? Laurie is becoming more independent. For example he doesn’t wave goodbye to his mother anymore like he used to. He is also wearing different clothes now. His corduroy overall with bibs is replaced by blue jeans and a belt. That is because he doesn’t want to look like a little child. He also swaggers when he walks because he wants to show, that he is cool. It is not only Laurie’s clothes, which has changed after starting in kindergarten. He behaves badly and speaks insolently. You can see that in the text when he says “Hi, Pop, y’ old dust mop” to his father. By saying that, he shows disrespect for his father. Laurie is becoming more and more like the bully Charles, who he is always talking about.

2. What effect do Laurie’s stories about Charles have on his parents? Laurie tells his parents about all the naughty and terrible things Charles does in school. The parents are shocked by all the things Charles does to the teachers and pupils. The parents discuss if kindergarten is too unsettling for Laurie. The mother means that Charles is having a bad influence on Laurie, but her husband thinks that it is going to be all right. The father seems to take it more easily than the mother. After all the stories about Charles and the fact, that Laurie is obsessed with him, the mother really wants to meet his mother. So she can see what kind of family he comes from. I think she is curios to know what kind of mother that could raise such a rude boy.

3. Why does Laurie change after starting kindergarten?
That is a hard question to answer because there can be so many reasons. In one way it could be because he had an image of how you should behave if you want to be cool. We know that Laurie wanted to be cool and popular. I just think that he found the wrong kind of attention. In that way you can say that he is becoming a bully just so the other children would...
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