Laura Nash

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Do you feel that the decisions were ethical in nature? Why or why not? Use one of your ethical dilemma are solution models to analyze the court’s decision of one of the two cases to help support your answer and include that analysis in your answer ( Laura Nash, front page of newspaper, Blanchard & Peale, Wall Street Journal). Make sure you set out the steps of the model and a your reasoning and facts to the model in your answer. Nordmanns Case: It was ethical that the court ruled for the complaint. However, it was not ethical to only provide a certain amount of money and not psychological help. The trauma for both Mr & Mrs Normannn has a greater effect then the money ruled. Margrieter: The hotel was negligence in many aspects but cannot control what others would do. Therefore, the decision was ethical because it was in favor of Mr. Margrieter but not provided sufficient amount for medical needs. The Wall Street Model was used in this particular case to provide the ethical decision in the Margrieter case. The decision was based on the following: Customer: Mr Margieter severe experienced by being forced out of the hotel and brutal beating. Community: The hotel was warned about recent crimes in the area and still neglected to warn their guest about the crimes in the area. Employees: The security guard was not attending the proper location that was supposed to. The Hotel ‘s negligence to provide the proper security for their guest from a third party. Share holder: The hotel’s financial pocket was in affected by the court’s ruling, the amount of money requested was reduced by $350,000.00. Also depending if the shareholders insurance would cover for the damages done to Mr. Margieter, the shareholders of the hotel would be effected.
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