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Topics: Balance sheet, Strategic management, Asset Pages: 8 (2250 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Laura Ashley is a graceful Britain brand which is very representative. Nowadays it has become one of the most successful and beloved household products manufacturer enterprises in the world. In 2009, Laura Ashley will prepare to enter Chinese market, and plan to obtain a certain profit. According to the specific present condition of company which will describes product and service; business plan which include objective and marketing strategy in the next 5 years, competitor analysis in China, and its financial analysis, people will have the reasons to believe that Laura Ashley can have a dramatic development in the market of China.

1. Specific Present Condition

1.1 The international lifestyle brand
Laura Ashley which is a brand with a solid previous foundation has become a famous international brand. At the beginning, Laura Ashley produced fiber fabrics of kitchen table. Then with the brand’s growth and the capital adequacy, it expanded manufacture. Fashion, household items, and furniture are produced in Laura Ashley’s factories. All supporting products can be available in the every store. The great efforts which Laura Ashley achieved make it succeeded. So far, Laura Ashley has developed to a multi-national corporation which in the United Kingdom as the center and had the world’s leading brands into the Top 100 once. (Laura Ashley Corporation, 2009) Recent years, Laura Ashley are preparing for entering the market of China.

1.2 Diversified products
Laura Ashley hunted for the diversified product and run a very wide scope of business. Generally, from as little as gifts to as big as furniture, also beautiful designed stunningly fashionable suit-dress, it all surrounded Laura Ashley. All aspects of home life that people care or want are considered carefully and produced to lovely goods. To be specific, in the household items, there are throws, cushion, fabric, rugs, decorative accessories, mirrors, sofas & chairs, beds, accessories & gift and so on. Anther important part is fashion, including handbags, hats, gloves, footwear, jewelry, perfume and ladies. Apart from that, Laura Ashley offers high-quality paint, tilts, wallpaper and other construction supplies. Various as categories of product Laura Ashley are, they all have the unique style, bright colors, exquisite working and high-quality materials.

1.3 Thoughtful service
Everyone who ordered items from Laura Ashley can enjoy the following services. To begin with, when a consumer tends to purchase on-line and want to know the steps of ordering or paying, people can find the process tips on the Laura Ashley’s website easily. Laura Ashley only delivers to the following UK territories. For customers ordering from outside the UK, Laura Ashley will deliver the order to a shipping company of your choice (Laura Ashley Corporation, 2009). If customers dissatisfy with the product, they can return it unless breached the contract made by Laura Ashley such as damage new goods deliberately, use new goods make them loss original state. Whatever questions people asked, Laura Ashley will do it best to solve and service. Consumers will be encouraged to apply for a gift card which has benefits for consuming. In addition, Laura Ashley the charming interior design service will make many surprises and differences for the buyers.

2. Detail Business Plan

2.1 Business objective over the next 5 years in China
Chinese elements will integrate into the products to enable a perfect combination of Chinese and Western cultures in order to give customers a visual and psychological satisfaction. 2.1.1 Potential buyers

The products are mainly sold to Chinese native and the permanent mission in China both are in the groups of high-income. These customers want to get highest service standard, good quality and reasonable price. As a result, our mission is to suit these customer needs.

2.1.2 Mission statement
Laura Ashley has become a famous international brand and one...
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