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Chapter 1
History of Laundry
During the Roman Times, laundry was not done at home. It was done at the public “fulleries” by workers called “fullones”. The “fulleries” consist of a big hall with very large basins in the floor. In these basins, clothes were soaked and cleaned. Materials were further cleaned by workers who “jumped” or “danced” on clothes while they lean on small walls on either side. On the other hand, Ancient Greeks used only water without soap to laundry. As the years go by, there have been improvements on how people wash their clothes. Before, people do their laundry on streams. With the advent of washing machines, people started to do it at home. It’s far more convenient than doing it outside. As people’s lifestyles ameliorate, many of them haven’t had the time to do their laundry since it takes so much of their time which is already pre-occupied by their careers. Revolution of Laundry Industry

The Industrial Revolution completely transformed laundry technology.
The mangle (wringer US) was developed in the 19th century – two long rollers in a frame and a crank to revolve them. A laundry-worker took sopping wet clothing and cranked it through the mangle, compressing the cloth and expelling the excess water. The Mangle was much quicker than hand twisting. It was a variation on the box mangled used primarily for pressing and smoothing cloth.

Meanwhile 19th century investors further mechanized the laundry process with various hand-operated washing machines. Most involved turning a handle to move paddles inside a tub. Then some early 20th century machines used an electrically powered agitator to replace tedious hand rubbing against a washboard. Many of these were simply a tub on legs, with a hand-operated mangle on top. Later the mangle too was electrically powered, then replaced by a perforated double tub, which spun out the excess water in a spin cycle.

Laundry drying was also mechanized, with clothes dryers. Dryers were also spinning perforated tubs, but they blew heated air rather than water. Vision
The Company envision itself to be distinguished in the laundry industry as a leader in providing higher standard of quality care to meet customer satisfaction Mission
Our purpose is to ensure customer satisfaction by giving the best quality care and cleanliness to their garments and to provide long lasting customer experience by rendering fast and efficient service at a reasonable price. Objectives

1.To provide customer hygienic standard and best quality of service at a reasonable price. 2.To offer the finest of laundry service possible through the best of our resources. 3.To provide customer satisfaction.

4.To be able to help the customers maximize their time.
5.To create employment opportunities and earn profit.
Business Name
“Bubble Force Laundry Shop” will be the name of our business/service. The group came up with the name because it is easy for the customer to recognize the type of service/s offered. It can capture the customer’s attention easily and it signifies how good our service/s in terms of cleaning dirty clothes.

The combination of the words “Bubble” and “Force” sounds strong and powerful for it connotes the excellence of the service/s rendered. Business Logo
The group chose blue as the main color of the logo because it signifies water, which is the most important element on cleaning/washing. The font of the word bubble is literally a bubble and the font of the force represents toughness. When the two combined it shows the how strong a bubble is in terms of cleaning clothes. The group also put a big bubble at the back of the brand name to show that the company projects one goal which is to attain customer satisfaction. And the small bubbles that surrounds the whole logo identifies the type of service the company offers which is laundry services. Business Location

“Bubble Force Laundry Shop” is at the ground level of Vicente Building located at...
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