Laundry Process Analysis

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Process Analysis
As human beings, we are changing clothes so many times a day. Our daily schedule consists of taking a visit to the gym, grocery store, or even the shower every once and a while. Throughout these busy days, our clothes begin to get loose and smell and no one likes that. Yet, everyone hates to do laundry because it becomes such a hassle and gets in the way of our schedule. I can’t say I’m not one of those lazy humans because, frankly, I am exactly that. After a long day of school, continuing on to practice then having to drive home…I never found time to, so I convinced my mom to help me. She agreed until she realized she was the only one doing laundry, which wasn’t a good day considering she put me back on laundry duty. The sad part was I had completely forgotten how to. Or so my mom thought but that didn’t keep my mom from reinforcing the rule. She just simply retaught me how to do laundry the very precise way. My mother had a job of her own so I didn’t complain.

She simply told me to first, search every little place for any dirty clothes because you want to miss absolutely nothing or you will be stressing out the next day when that one piece you missed was the one you needed for that next busy day. After you’ve gathered all your clothes, be considerate and ask anyone else in the house if they have anything important that needs to be washed. After that nice thought, put them inside of a laundry basket so you don’t have to struggle trying to get all those clothes to the laundry room. When you have done this, bring the laundry basket full of all your dirty clothes and dump every little piece on the floor of the laundry room. Then this next part is easy as long as you separate the clothes into different piles, depending on color. Also, make a pile for delicate clothes. In order to know which clothes should go in the delicate pile you simply look at the tag and somewhere on there, the printed letters will say hand wash cold. This is normally...
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