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Topics: Cancer, Oncology, Health care Pages: 31 (11094 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Lawrence + Memorial Hospital
Breast Health Center

2100 M Street #310, Washington, DC 20052
United States of America

Partial Requirements for Healthcare MBA
MBAD 6272 Group A
Spring 2013

Authored by: Bryan King, Raheela James, Ronald Llacuna,
Herjit Pannu, and Kelsey Vlieks

Lawrence and Memorial Hospital (L+M), located in New London, Connecticut, is in the process of establishing a comprehensive Breast Health Center. L+M’s primary service area has the highest incidence of breast cancer in Connecticut. The demand for oncology services will only continue to grow, driven by population growth, aging and an increase in survival rates. Establishing a designated Breast Center and forging a strong partnership with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Yale Radiation Oncology will help elevate L+M’s care plan for benign and malignant breast disease. Breast health care is increasingly complex and multidisciplinary. This program proposes a number of enhancements to L+M’s current breast health services that will lead to a coordinated approach to care delivery. Attaining accreditation by the National Accreditation Program will be a key differentiator from other programs as well as an indication to consumers that L+M is providing quality care.

Over the last three years L+M’s market share has declined for many reasons, including the loss of three surgeons and increased competition in the region. This competition is only expected to increase as 85% of cancer care is provided on an outpatient basis. Also, it is essential that L+M’s medical staff interests and needs are aligned with what the hospital is planning in order to successfully develop new service lines, like the Breast Health Center. L+M needs to target referral sources that are sending their patients outside of the area.

L+M’s strengths are their commitment to serving their community, growing surgical and oncology service lines and partnering with well-established and reputable partners. They have opportunities to improve collaboration amongst physicians and improve the quality of care and patients’ access to comprehensive breast health care. In creating a strategic marketing plan, it is critical for L+M to define their value proposition (e.g., high tech, high touch, high quality) to patients, as well as physicians. Making the physicians and the community aware that distinguished breast health care and world-class cancer care is available in their community will be the first step to capturing greater market share.

Introduction_______________________________________________________________________________________________5 Situation Analysis_________________________________________________________________________________________6

Environment (Sustainability)______________________________________________________________9
Consumer Environment__________________________________________________________________10
Summary of Environmental Opportunities and Threats_______________________________10
Implications for Strategy Development_________________________________________________10 Industry___________________________________________________________________________________________11
Classification and Definition of...
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