Launch of New Tablet Pc

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Marketing Plan
Ideal Consultants Group
Apple Company

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Executive Summary3
Purpose of the Report3
Unique Feature4
Scope of Report4
Company Profile and Information4
Apple’s Operation4
Apple Sets Singapore Plant5
Mission Statement5
Apple’s Product5
Branding Strategies5
Our Product6
Unique Feature6
Other Main features7
Image of the iDEAL Tab8
External Analysis8
Political Regulatory8
Economic Factors10
Social/Cultural Factors11
Technological Environment12
Industry Overview12
Competitors’ Comparison13
Internal Analysis14
Customer Profile Analysis14
Marketing Segmentation14
Product Positioning16
Marketing Objectives16
Marketing Mix Strategies17
Product Strategy17
Our Product17
Price Strategy21
Place Strategy23
Promotion Strategy24
Budget Expenditure26
Appendices, Tables and Figures29

Executive Summary

Apple will be launching its revolutionary PC Tablet which will take the IT industry by storm, the PC Tablet with a holographic projection system – the iDEAL Tab. Holographic communications are no longer an effect of a movie, or a dream. Apple has now developed a PC Tablet that is the FIRST holographic projector PC Tablet in the industry. Surveys conducted by Apple have shown that the majority of the PC Tablet users as well as a percentage of non-users have started to show disinterest in the similar functions of the current PC Tablets in the market. The insatiable hunger of consumers for advanced technology will be fulfilled by the iDEAL Tab. The iDEAL Tab satisfies the esteem needs of consumers as it significantly upgrades and boost efficiency in their daily working as well as personal life. Sense of prestige, fame and attention received is imminent as our product is extremely differentiated when compared to rival products. This product will be extensively marketed for 12 months in Singapore from, April 2011 to March 2012.

Our marketing objectives are as follows:
* To achieve $35,000,000 in profit in the first year of launching the product. * To gain 5 – 10% of the market share in the PC Tablet sales in Singapore for the first year. * To increase awareness of our product in the market and also to build relationship with our customers. * To increase production from 100,000 units in 2012 to 150,000 units in 2013. * To make Apple, the preferred brand of choice of professional corporate executives by 2014.

Market-Skimming pricing strategy would be adopted and the price of our product would be $988.8, and this price is offered to our retailers and distributors. We intend to sell 100,000 units of our product from April 2011 to March 2012 with targeted profit margin of 37.3% and targeted profit returns of $36,880,000.

Apple will work closely with our premium retailers like: Epicentre and NüBox, as well as other retailers like: Courts, Harvey Norman & Best Denki. We would also be advertising on newspapers, magazines, public transport systems as well as targeting customers from the database for direct mailing advertisements to promote our product. The marketing budget is estimated to be $710,500.

Purpose of the Report

Our marketing plan is set for 12 months, which is from April 2011 to March 2012.

We propose to introduce our all in one super gadget, which we name iDealTab.

It is uniquely packed with 3D features and will be marketed extensively in Singapore due to her high demand for improved technology for great investment.

Our iDealTab will be launched in April 2012.

The iDealTab satisfies the Self Esteem needs of Maslow’s theory to the owner and as a result, it:  
* Gives a feeling of prestige
* Upgrades his/her working style
* Boost efficiency in his/her daily life
* Attention, fame and status are gained
The Apple brand creates value by...
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