Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Love, Friendship Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Human relationships exist everywhere from our daily lives to our dreams at night. Relationships can work effortlessly or become extremely complicated. The associations and general human interactions included in life will always affect the outcomes of one’s destiny. In this up and down world, we do need each other in order to keep on surviving as life is getting harder every single day. However, we sometimes feel afraid of admitting that we need other people in our lives. It is actually a normal thing that we as a human being oftenly feel afraid and even embarrassed to confess that we are depending to one another to overcome any obstacles that had been prepared for each of us. We do need someone to be with us through thick and thin. Why do we exactly need someone else? Are we too weak or brittle to stand up alone? We need our family as they are the one who have been with us since we were born. Thus, being the one we can count on. Our family members can be the one that give us advices and correct us if we do anything wrong as we are not perfect and oftenly make mistakes. Our family especially our parents will always guide us how to avoid repeating the same mistakes and take lessons from the mistakes we had done. We usually feel afraid to admit that we need other people in our life because we do not want to be seen as a useless person. On the other hand, we want to be looked up as a sturdy and steady. Actually we are totally wrong if we conclude that we are able to live our life as a single survivor. We need friends to comfort us whenever we are feeling sad or sorror. There is even a saying that goes ‘a friend in need is a friend in deed’. This is because a friend is someone that we love, not that we are in love with but we care about them and think about them when they are not around. The people we are reminded of when we see something that they might like. They are the people whose pictures we have and whose faces are in our heart regardless. We need friends and...
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