Laughter: Times Roman and Oral Communication Matriculation

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▪ Do not copy the assignment question and instructions to your answer. ▪ Prepare your assignment answer following the layout of the ASSESSMENT CRITERIA shown in the RUBRICS provided for the course. Where RUBRICS are not provided, follow the instructions/guidelines specified by the Faculty for the assignment concerned. ▪ Your assignment should be between 2500 to 3000 words EXCLUDING references. ▪ Type your answer using 12 point Times New Roman font and 1.5 line spacing. ▪ Show the number of words at the end of your assignment. ▪ Tables and figures where provided, should be appropiately titled. ▪ List your references separately in the APPENDIX page.

1. Introduction.
Nowaday,whole people in the world with new era of modernization is fanatical a lot to fulfill a higher demand of life style, profession and others more. But this condition also create a demand to gain more income and a continuous effort. Hereafter, if some one cannot hold their stress of mental and physical it will destroy them at all. To overcome stress we must thinking the best and the cheapest way to solve or maintain it. Some people say that the cheapest medicine today is laughter. A person will feel fresh, full of energy and not so old if he or she laughs for just 25 to 30 minutes every day.  In some situations there is nothing that can help a person as much as laughter. Laughter can help people with high blood pressure, stress, heart problems, weak immune system and people who are depressed and it is a scientific fact. These are not the only situations where laughter...
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