Latina Bella

Topics: United States, Miami, Florida Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Executive Summary

Latina Bella grew 151% in last year to $800,000 in revenue, and still has more demand than it can fill. The Company requires capital to fuel unmet demand for its line of Hispanic cosmetics. Latina Bella was designed as a solution to the growing need for an ethnic cosmetics line. Novus Beauty, dba Latina Bella, developed innovative cosmetics tailored specifically to Hispanic women. Keeping in mind that their color shade requires special base formulations, and their culture desires colors that are not currently available in the marketplace, the Company designed a totally new color palette for its customers, who are in the United States and South of the Border. All products in the Latina Bella line are produced to complement the rich olive and gold undertones of Hispanic skin tones; a perfect opportunity for women unable to wear traditional cosmetics with pink undertones. In 2010, we added to our product line those items requested by the retailers and created a brand new look for our packaging. Latina Bella products are high quality formulations made in the U.S.A. at a fair price that fits a need and is considered to be the first brand to provide an affordable product line to a culture that will compose almost 50% of the US population in a few years. Current lines of Latina Bella cosmetics for face, lips and eyes will be complemented with a skin care line in the future. Securing capital to finance our ever expanding needs is key in getting more retailers on board. In December of 2009 and the Spring of 2010, the first retailers to pick up the Latina Bella™ cosmetic line were H.E. Butt Grocery’s 86 stores in Texas, Duane Reade’s 102 stores in New York City, and Navarro Pharmacies’ 22 stores in the Miami, Florida area. HEB is an $11 billion Texas grocery chain with over 300 stores and a large Hispanic customer base and 40 stores in Mexico. Duane Reade, a chain in New York City with over 253 full service drug stores, is recognized as the fastest...
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