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Latin Worsheet

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  • November 9, 2011
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1. Start your tour of ancient Rome here

2. Your first stop is the arch at the front of the map. This is the Arch of _____________________. The name of __________________ was erased from this monument.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Use the map and the index on the side of the Web page to help create a key for the forum map below by writing the name of the monument with its corresponding number:



4. On the side menu, select the Lacus Curtius. According to one story, a youth named Curtius saved Rome here by ____________________________________________________________


5. Return to the top of the page ( On the side menu click on the Curia.

______________built this building where the ___________met.

6. Now go to the Rostra. What was the purpose of this structure? ____________________________________________________________


7. Go to the Templum Castoris. _______________________ are all that are left of this temple.

8. Click on the Templum Juli. This temple was built on the site of ________________________________________.

9. Go to the Templum Vestae. What articles were housed in this temple? ____________________________________________________________


10. Go to the Tabularium. This building was used to ______________________.

11. Go to the Milliarium Aureum. What was inscribed on this column? ____________________________________________________________


12. Find the Basilica Aemelia, Basilica Julia, and the Basilica Constantini. In ancient Rome, basilicas were used as law courts, later a basilica design was used for ______________.

13. Now go to The original name for the Colosseum was ___________________________ .

14. Go to the Templum Saturni....
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