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Topics: Roman citizenship, Ancient Rome, Sicily Pages: 4 (440 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Accidit ut Seruilius
It happened that Servilius spoke rather freely about the defendant's wickedness.

(Accidit ut)
(it happened that Verres was present at Lily)

At quam ob!
But for what reasons immortal gods!

Aude hoc primum
Dare to deny this first, if you can: by all at it was seen Lily, heard by all of Sicily.

Dico ciuem
I say a Roman citizen when he had been beaten by your lictors, to have fallen before your eyes.

Nam in foro Lily
For in the forum of Lily, a Roman citizen to whom the name was C.S was thrown down before the feet of Verres with rods and blows.

Nam si uultis
For if you wish I will most easily persuage all of Siciliy that a witness should be.

Num potes negare?
Sure you can not deny Verres you have done this?

Qua in causa hortor
Which in case I urge you to whom I speak, I urge and pray that you will pay most careful attention and not wait for proofs.

Quod isti cum
Which to the man when it was announced, he ordered servilius to come to Lily.

Reliqua causa
The remaining case, judges, which I now conduct is not relevant to allies safety but to life and blood of Roman citizens.

Seruilius igitur, cum
Therefore Serv, when Verres had ordered that he should come, came to Lily.

indicative present

perfect system
egimusacti, -ae, -a sumus
egeramusacti, -ae, -a eramus

subjuctive present

egissemusacti, -ae, -a essemus


egisseactus -a -um esse
acturus -a -um esse| actum iri

agens agentis

causa, -ae, f.: case; reason
cadō, cadere, cecidī, cāsum: I fall
concidō, concidere, concidī, —: I fall, collapse; am killed morior, morī, mortuus sum: I die
ōs, ōris, n.: face; mouth
lībertās, lībertātis, f.: freedom, liberty
ignōscō, ignōscere, ignōuī, ignōtum: I forgive
petō, petere, petīuī, petitus: I seek
quaerō, quaerere, quāesīuī,...
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