Latin Jazz

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  • Published : June 12, 2005
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Tyler Cannon May 1 05
PDA 110
Prof Vobrouchek
Latin Jazz
Last Sunday I went to jazz bar in Manhattan and I listened "Latin JazzE Latin jazz is "a fusion of African and indigenous rhythms from the entire Latin American Diaspora with the language of jazzE It was first known as coop, but you are now familiar with it as afro-Cuban. When talking about afro-Cuban jazz, it is difficult to not mention certain turning points in history that made this music possible. The roots of much, of the music might be traced back to African Cuban slaves. In Cuba itself, music and dance are so essential to national character that you can not disentangle them from the country's history. "The story of Latin jazz music is thus one of religions and revolutions, power and liberation, the collision of civilizationE In the United States we can never completely understand our own music, without referencing it to Cuban music. There are various characteristics that can define Latin jazz ranging from the savant grade to more popular forms. Some forms of popular music that most people are familiar with would have to be the mambo, salsa, cha-cha, and afro-Cuban jazz. These types of music were originated from north America, but to elaborate further, Latin immigrants can to new York and brought with them distinctive rhythms that blended together. Theses types of music and other music are contagious and an evolutionary process. No one person can take the credit for Latin jazz of any form of music that comes into the united states.

Latin jazz music, like most types of jazz music, can be played in small or large groups. Small groups, or combos, often use the be-bop gourmand made popular in the 1950's in America, where the musicians play a standard melody, many of the musicians play an improvised solo, and then everyone plays the melody again. In Latin jazz bands, percussion solos are much more common, and they are more structured than in...
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