Latin American Revolution

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American Revolution and French revolution and the enligthment changed ideas about who should control the government. Liberty, equality and democratic. Around colonies of Europe, in Latin America, the people was in a bad situation because the domination of the European colonial Powers. •Latin American People Win Independence

Colonial society divided, what classes existed in Latina American society, in Latin America society was divided into six classes of people, peninsulares is the people that have born in Spain were at the top , then creoles or Spaniards who born in Latin America, below them were mestizos were persons mixed of European and Indian ancestry. Next were the mulattos, persons of mixed European and African ancestry, and the enslaved Africans. Indians were at the bottom of the social ladder. •Revolution in the Americas

Were in Latin America was independence first to clear, in the early 1800s colonial people and Latin America fought for independence, the French colony was the first Latin American colony fought for independence, almost all of the people who lived in the French colony were slaved of African origin, in 1791 about 100,000 of them rose and revolt, Toussaint L’Ouverture a farmer slave become his ladder in 1802 napoleon send troops to in the rebellion they fail, in 1804 the colony declared his independence as Haiti. •Creoles lead independence

Why did creoles want independence? Creoles thought that they were not treated fairly, this bad feeling boiled over when napoleon over throw the king of Spain and in his own brother as king the creoles an Latin American have not loyalty to the new king they revolted even after the old king was restored they did not give up they fight for freedom, two ladder push much of south America to independence, Simon Bolivar was a writer, fighter and political thinker, he survive defeat and exiled to help win independence for Venezuela in 1821, Jose De San Martin help win independence for Argentina in 1816...
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