Lather and Noting Else Torres Pov

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Lather And Nothing Else Torres Point Of View
I walked in hung my cartridge studded belt with a pistol holster suspended from it on a hook in the wardrobe and hung my hat above it. I turned around toward the barber, loosened my tie and said “It’s hot as the devil, I want a shave” with that I sat down and waited for him. It has been four days since my last shave; I have been out on the foray looking for rebels. He started to apply the shaving soap, he scraped a bit of the soap and applied some warm water and the lather began to rise. “We caught the leaders. Some of the brought back dead and some alive.” With a troubled tone he asked “How many did you take” I replied fourteen and with that he put the sheet on me and began to work. He started carefully; he slowly removed my beard I could feel his hand trembling. He knew who I was, Captain Torres the leader of the regime fighting the rebels like himself I was told if I come in or a shave he would kill me. I just had to find out if he would, I leaned back exposing my neck and closed my eyes and waited for him to finish. Once he finished I got said thanked him adjusted my buckle straightened my gun, put my hat on and pulled some coins out of my pocket as payment and headed towards the door. I stopped at the threshold and told the barber that “They said you would kill me. I came to find out if it was true”
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