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AMD Readies FX-4130 and FX-6130 Bulldozer Processors for Q2 Launch

By the end of the first half of this year, AMD reportedly plans to release two new FX-series processors based on the company’s Bulldozer architecture, the FX-4130 and FX-6130, which are supposed to slightly improve the performance of their predecessors.

The two chips have just recently been uncovered by Donaim Haber, which provided us with some information regarding their specs and clock speeds.

According to the website, the less powerful FX-4130 includes two Bulldozer modules for a total of four processing cores, and has a base frequency of 3.8GHz.

This is 200MHz higher than that of the FX-4100 that the chip is supposed to replace, while its maximum Turbo Core speed was set at 3.9GHz (3.8GHz in its predecessor).

What’s interesting to note however, is that the FX-4130 is the first AMDFX-Series CPU to feature only 4MB of L3 cache memory, half the amount present in the company’s remaining Bulldozer processors.

Moving to the second CPU to be uncovered today, the FX-6130, this comes featuring the same 3.9GHz maximum Turbo Core speed as its predecessor, but its base clock was increased from 3.3GHz to 3.6GHz.

The rest of its specifications have remained unaltered when compared to the FX-6100, meaning that it sports three Bulldozermodules for a total of six computing cores, 6MB of L2 cache, as well as 8MB of Level 3 cache memory.

The TDPs of both the FX-4130 and FX-6130 were increased from 95 to 125 Watts.

The recommended prices of these two processors are not known yet, but the FX-4130 is expected to be somewhat cheaper than the original FX-4100, while the FX-6130 MSRP will be set above that of the FX-6100.

Both the FX-4130 and FX-6130 entered production in late February and are expected to arrive in Q2 of this year.

AMD FX-4130

|General information | |Type |CPU / Microprocessor | |Market segment |Desktop | |Family |AMD FX-Series | |Model number  |FX-4130 | |CPU part number |FD4130FRW4MGU is an OEM/tray microprocessor | |Frequency  |3800 MHz | |Turbo frequency |3900 MHz | |Package |938-pin micro-PGA package | |Socket |Socket AM3+ | |Estimated release date |June 2012 | |  | |Architecture / Microarchitecture | |Microarchitecture |Bulldozer | |Platform |Scorpius...
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