Latest Development in Ict

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Meaning of Open Source Software (OSS)
Open source software (OSS) is defined as computer software for which the source code and certain other rights normally reserved for copyright holders are provided under a software license that meets the Open Source Definition or that is in the public domain. This permits users to use, change, and improve the software, and to redistribute it in modified or unmodified forms.

Meaning of Hardware
A computer's hardware consists of the physical components necessary to operate and interact with a computer. Since a computer's primary language is binary, devices are necessary to convert our input into that language. The binary code coming out of the computer must also be translated into something usable for the operator. Meaning of Software

Software is often divided into two categories:
1. System software: Includes the operating system and all the utilities that
enables the computer to function.
`2. Application software: Includes programs that do real work for users.For example, word processors, spreadsheets, and database management systems fall under the category of applications software.

4.0 The Latest Development in ICT
4.1 Hardware
|a) Canon Pixma MP280 |b) Canon Pixma MX360 | |[pic] |[pic] | | | | |-The Canon Pixma MP280 is an entry level all-in-one printer, |-The Canon Pixma MX360 was first introduced by Canon in January | |scanner, and copier with enhanced photo printing capabilities. It|during CES 2011. It is an entry level model designed for small | |was the budget-friendly model out of its line of eight photo |office/home office use, alongside the Pixma MX410. We have | |printers released by Canon in 2010. Taking on the new Pixma photo|already reviewed the leading flagship inkjet out of the bunch, | |printer look, it features a simple glossy black design with |the Pixma MX882, and the inkjet that is one step down from it, | |silver accents just like the previously reviewed sister |the Pixma MX420. Now we will take a look at the MX360. This | |product, the Canon Pixma MP495. Canon has included Full HD Movie |four-in-one can print, scan, copy, and fax and connects to a | |Print and photo editing software, as well as the Easy Photo Print|computer via HighSpeed USB 2.0 (note that the MX410 has wireless | |app for Android smartphones in the package. Moreover, this photo |connectivity). It has an automatic document feeder that can fit | |all-in-one offers high color resolution color photo capabilities |up to 30 sheets and a 100-sheet rear feed tray. We tested the | |with a maximum of 4800 x 1200 dpi and is Energy Star certified. |MX360 and found that it can print up to 8 black and white pages | |It is currently selling for only $70 from Canon's website; so |per minute under the default settings. The MX360 has a list price| |keep reading to find out if this is the right printer for you. |of $79.99; check out our full review below to find out if this is| |Our reviews include an overview of specifications, testing |the suitable inkjet for your office at that price. | |results, a summary of the build and design, and more. | |

4.2 Software
|a) Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 |b) Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.0 | | |[pic] | |[pic]...
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