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here are few latest computer languages
Dart (originally, Dash)[2] is an open source Web programming language developed by Google. It was unveiled at the GOTO conference in Aarhus, 2011 October 10-12.[3] The goal of Dart is "ultimately to replace JavaScript as the lingua franca of web development on the open web platform."[2] Dart is intended to solve JavaScript's problems (which, according to a leaked memo, cannot be solved by evolving the language) while offering better performance, the ability "to be more easily tooled for large-scale projects" and better security features.[2] Google also is working on Dart to help them build more complex, full-featured client-side Web apps.[4] Dart is a class-based, single inheritance, object-oriented language with C-style syntax. It supports interfaces, abstract classes, and reified generics. Dart's support of optional typing is perhaps the most interesting feature for a language targeted at mass adoption. Static type annotations do not affect the runtime semantics of the code. Instead, the type annotations can provide clear documentation for tools like static checkers and dynamic run time checks. Runtime modes

Dart programs run in one of two modes. In "checked mode", which is not the default mode and must be turned on, dynamic type assertions are enabled. These type assertions can turn on if static types are provided in the code, and can catch some errors when types do not match. For example, if a method is annotated to return a String, but instead returns an integer, the dynamic type assertion will catch this and throw an exception. Running in "checked mode" is recommended for development and testing. Dart programs by default run in "production mode", which runs with all dynamic type assertions turned off. This is the default mode because it currently is the fastest way to run a Dart program. Deployment targets

Dart is designed to run in modern web browsers, either directly inside a Dart virtual machine...
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