Late Adulthood

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  • Published : October 8, 1999
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Late Adulthood (age 60 – 80)

During this closing period in the life span of human beings, people tend to "move away" from previous more desirable periods often known as "usefulness".

Age sixty is usually considered the dividing line between middle and old age. It is the time where you are considered an "elderly"- meaning somewhat old or advanced beyond middle age.

Period of decline – comes partly from physical and partly psychological factors. The physical cause of decline is a change in the body cells due to the effects of the aging process. The psychological cause of decline has something to do with unfavorable attitudes towards oneself, other people, work and life in general.

Senility – ("senile") a more or less complete physical breakdown takes place and when there is mental disorganization. The individual becomes eccentric, careless, absentminded, socially withdrawn, and poorly adjusted.

Social Attitudes toward the Old Age – due to the unfavorable social attitudes toward the elderly, treatment towards them in America, unlike other cultures, result in making them feel no longer useful, unwanted and more of a nuisance than an asset. People who come from countries where respect for the elderly is customary usually treat elder people with more consideration and respect.

Old People as "second class citizens" – a status that excludes them to some extent from interaction with other groups in the population and which gives them little to no power in society. (Again a result from unfavorable social attitudes).

Changes in Roles – from an active life having purpose and roles, even sometimes multiple roles, it is expected that old people will play a decreasingly less active role in social and community affairs as well as in the business and professional worlds. Because of the reduction in the number of roles the elderly person is able to play, the person will develop feelings of inferiority and resentment....
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