Late Adulthood

Topics: Old age, Appreciation, Death Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: January 25, 2009
Late Adulthood

Trina Flowers

Troy University

October 4, 2008

Late Adulthood

Late Adulthood is that part of life that when you are young, you are afraid of it, but when your half way there, you begin to appreciate it, and as time goes on, you begin to wonder what life might be like once you become a senior citizen. Erikson’s ego development outcome should include Integrity vs. Despair. The older adult usually appreciates their life that has past, and is very proud of their trials and tribulations, and all the achievements, or they are discontent with themselves because of past failures, and may begin to fear for the after life. Whether it is one or the other, Mrs. Grace Stanford has shared her life experiences of the past 88 years in ways that I can only imagine. Mrs. Grace Stanford is an 88 year old, West-Indian female who has dealt with her share struggles coming from the Island of Jamaica, and having to adapt to the American culture. When asked to reflect upon her life experiences in the earlier years, she began by saying “God said 3 scores and 10, he’s given me that and more”. It was very clear that her religious faith may be the reason she has endured as long as she has, but as the interview went further, Mrs. Stanford expressed her tiredness, but yet readiness to depart from this world. She exclaimed, “My body is tired” and “everyone has gone on but me, I’m ready any day”. It is quite normal for someone of her age to feel as such. After mothering 5 children, out living her husband, and being a domestic worker, Mrs. Stanford repeatedly expressed her pleasure in the life that she has lived, however, she doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on. After listening to how independent Mrs. Stanford was prior to and after her husband’s death, one can relate to the challenges she faces as she loses much of her independence. Mrs. Stanford states the arthritis has disabled her, and depending on the weather, there are days that she could...
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