Last of the Mohicans

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Last of the Mohicans

By | November 2012
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Professor Innis Janis
English 0310
26 June 2012
Final Exam

Final thoughts of the Last of the Mohicans

The Last of the Mohicans is a novel by James Fenimore Cooper, the novel is about a team of Native Americans called the Mohicans. There is also a film that was published also about the Last of The Mohicans directed by Michael Man. The film released in 1992 and was a big success taking the number one spot in top selling movies in 1992. I prefer the movie better because as you watch the movie you can see everything that happens in the story. Unlike reading the novel in which you have to make the picture up as you are reading. In the film there were some shocking differences that took place throughout the movie. One of them was the relationship between Hawkeye, the scout, and Duncan, the British army major in the film, and their hatred toward each other. I believe that this aspect added a more modern dramatization of the story. The movie kept their relationship dynamic as they eventually became allies as the story progressed. The book however never took their relationship to another level as they were only concerned with their own agendas. You can connect more with the characters in the movie rather than the book due to the way the story was edited.

The film also takes liberties in deciding who is going to live or die which is a success because it adds more detail to the story. But in Cooper’s book you don’t receive a very good visual with the events that take place. In the film Colonel Munro and Major Hayward are killed by the main antagonist Magua and his team of Native Americans bringing a more expressive picturing of the story, however in the book they live. Another example would be at the end of the novel which marks Cora’s demise that is stabbed to death by Magua. In the film Cora survives and falls in love with Hawkeye which I think is more of a relief to the story. The movie shows a lot more emotion than the book does because only in the movie...

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