Last Lecture

Topics: Randy Pausch, Walt Disney Imagineering, Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: March 11, 2013
1. Randy Pausch’s Last lecture presentation is about achieving your childhood dreams, enabling the dreams of others, and how you can achieve your dreams or enable the dreams of others. Mr. Pausch had several childhood dreams these included: being in zero gravity, playing in the NFL, Authoring an article in the World Book Encyclopedia, being Captain Kirk, winning stuffed animals, and being a Disney Imagineer. He achieved his first dream of being in zero gravity when he was a professor and his students were taking part of a space ship demonstration. He did not achieve his dream of being a NFL player; however as a kid he was enrolled in football. He states that football taught him so many things, such as hard work, the fundamentals, and experience. He learned that when you’re screwing up and no one bothers to say anything to you that means that they stopped caring. He received an opportunity to write an article for the encyclopedia on virtual reality. He also won lots of big stuff animals for his family. Randy Pausch had done so well for himself in the virtual reality world that Captain Kirk came to meet him, and lastly he was able to work as a Disney Imagineer. Lastly, he ends his lecture with some important advice. He states to be good at something; it makes you valuable. He states to work hard, find the best in everybody; no matter how you have to wait for them to show it, and be prepared” “luck” is where preparation meets opportunity. I agree with his advice, one should not stop dreaming and striving for excellence. One should have fun, take chances and never give up. I feel that Mr. Pausch wanted to leave his family with one last positive legacy.

2. My childhood dreams were to be in NASA and go to space, have a family, to be wealthy and have my own island. I believe it is important to achieve your dreams; it keeps one striving for a goal and distracts one from seeing the negatives in his or her life. A dream defines you.

3. What I’ve...
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