Last Game vs. Reunion

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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English 110
March 5, 2013
“Last Game vs. Reunion”
In life positivity is the key to any solid affiliation. The bond between two individuals rather if it’s positive or negative always mirrors the outcome of their relationship status. Although lack of enthusiasm is part of life, being inconsiderate and arrogant towards others is unacceptable. In the stories “The Last Game” written by Jan Wiener and “Reunion” by John Cheever is basically talking about the bonds between fathers and sons and their relation. The first reason of contrast is that in “The Last Game”, Jan Wiener returns to Czechoslovakia after his father‘s death to reminisce the lost memories of him after Hitler’s Europe. His action illustrates a respectful attitude that he has towards his father because they had a caring and humble relationship for each other is contrasted with “Reunion” where Charlie and his father lacked communication because the father’s behavior was obnoxious and insulting to Charlie and the waiters attending his needs. My secondary reason of contrast is that Charlie’s father in “Reunion” showed an unlikely personality that made Charlie view him as arrogant, boorish, self-center and bad-mannered individual that he was. Unlike in the “Last Game” in which Jan's father had a respectful personality in which Jan viewed his father has benevolent and an honorable man. My third reason refers to the contrast in the "Last Game" in which Jan Weiner's father sacrificed in a selfless, caring and brave way to save Jan's life which is in contrast with "Reunion" in which Charlie's father never sacrificed anything for Charlie because he was a neglectful, selfish and arrogant father. These reasons are just because they symbolize the bond between a father and son. 

Although many of idolize and think highly of celebrities and politicians, often our parents are our biggest role models. My first reason of contrast is that in "Last Game", Jan wiener and his father had an uplifting relationship...
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