Last Day in School

Topics: School, Crying, Tears Pages: 1 (411 words) Published: April 12, 2013
It was a sad afternoon. School was going to end in five minutes. I do not know how others felt but I felt sad, really sad. Then the school bell rang. All the pupils were dismissed after the school assembly. I ran to the canteen to meet my best friend and all my other friends. After looking at them, I started crying. We hugged each other. Even when we wiped our tears, it still continued rolling down our cheeks. “This should be the last day we are going to meet each other” said my best friend Jenny while crying. “No!” replied my friend Dash. I stopped crying after a while and tried to cheer up my other friends. Then I got all of my friends to stop crying. We went to the washroom to wash up. Then one of my friends suggested to grab a drink at the canteen. Some of us were hungry so we had our lunch there while eating we saw our favorite teacher, Miss Charmine. She bought herself food and drink and came and sat with us. She sat quiet for a while. All of us were looking at her. “Did you guys cry?” Miss Charmine questioned us. We hang our heads down. Then she knew we cried. She asked us “why did you all cry?”. None replied. “There’s no need for you all to cry. We can have gathering every month so nothing to worry, ok?”. We all agreed. “But do not forget to invited me” Miss Charmine joked. We all started laughing. She changed our sad mode to a happy mode.

So we start chatting with our teacher. We chatted with for more than two hours. Then I suggest for a meet up tomorrow at the Mc Donald’s behind our school. So all of us agreed including our teacher. We were all excited for tomorrow’s meet up. It was late so all of us decided to leave.

Tomorrow’s meet up was the famous topic among us for now. As we were taking public transport back home, we were discussing the dress code and other stuff. Even though it was the last day in primary school, we were happy. Recently also we had gathering. Each gathering will have a specialty....
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