Last Day at School

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The memory of my last day at school is quite fresh. I was admitted to class III of this school. I passed long eight years in this school. This long period was associated with memories of various kinds. I had come in contact with many students. I liked most of the teachers. There were a few teachers who were rather grave. They did not mix freely with us as the others did. On the whole the relation between the teachers and the students was very good. I had great respect for our Headmaster. He treated the students like his own sons. So he had a great hold on the students.

Submission of fees

At least the period of happy eight years came to an end. It was time to leave the school. The results of our test examination were published in the last week of December. Almost all the boys of our class were sent up to sit for the final examination. We were asked to submit our examination fees and other dues on the 3 rd January. Accordingly along with other students I went to school to submit my fees. This was my last day at school. On of the teachers received our fees. We filled up an signed the application forms.

Meeting with the Headmaster

After this we were asked to assemble in the school hall. The Headmaster came there. He addressed us a few words of advice. He told us in a few words how we should prepare ourselves for the final examination. Then he told us in general way how we should answer questions in the examination hall. He particularly told us to revise our answer. This would help us to correct our errors. Last of all he advised us to keep the reputation of the school by our good behavior in the examination hall. We then bowed down to him. He blessed us all and wished us all success.

Meeting with the Teachers

Taking leave of the Headmaster, we entered the Teachers’ room. There we met most of the teachers. They also advised us to work hard. But we were asked to pay attention to our heath a well. We bowed down to them ad they blessed...
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