Last American Man

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  • Published : November 26, 2007
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Last American Man
Eustace Conway is connected to nature in a way that most of us can only dream about. He is a man who is driven to not only live off the land but to be a part of it. He finds solace there; it is the one thing that he can feel comfortable with. There are five life changing incidents that made Eustace Conway who he is: His Father, The students and teachers in his school, his mentor Alan Stout, his interaction with the drunken locals in the south and his horse Hobo.

Eustace Conway and his Father Eustace Sr. had a very positive relationship before little Eustace was old enough to attend school. The two of them would go out into the woods behind the house where the elder would educate the younger on birds, plants and animals. However their relationship took a turn for the worse when Eustace was old enough to get a formal education. His father demanded so much of Eustace, demanding that he be as smart as his father on the same topics that his father loved. Eustace however was smart; his father just didn't know who his son was and the things he was educating himself in. Eustace did a large amount of studying on his own. One can assume to impress his father subconsciously; however his Father did not see it.

"You are stupid, ‘Eustace recalled his father saying' I have never seen a child more dimwitted. I don't know how I could have sired so idiotic of a son… I believe you are simply incompetent and will never learn anything" (30). This drove Eustace to learn more, to bridge the gap that had formed in their relationship. Things weren't only problematic at home but also at school Teachers would get upset at him for staring out the window and he would get upset at his classmates "What A waste of time…what a waste of paper" (27) when he saw that his fellow classmates would only write on one side of a piece of paper or see them breaking pencils on purpose in the cafeteria. These are the type of people who Eustace wanted to educated and he got his chance...
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