Lassa Fever

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UNMIL Medical Section
Lassa fever
is an acute viral

United Nations Mission in Liberia
The virus may be transmitted or spread to human by the following :

MARCH 2010

disease occur in West Africa, the illness was discovered in 1969. The virus is single– stranded RNA virus belonging to the virus family Arenaviridae. Lassa fever is known endemic in Guinea (Conakry), Sierra Leone, Nigeria Liberia and other West African countries.

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Abdominal pain Back pain Cough Sore throat Vomiting Diarrhea Conjunctivitis Facial swelling Mucosal bleeding Proteinuria (protein in the urine) Neurological problems including hearing loss, tremors and encephalitis

By direct contact with the Mastomys rodents shed in urine and droppings through touching object or eating food contaminated with these or through cuts or open wound or sores.

Contact with the virus also may occur when person inhales tiny particles in the air contaminated aerosol/airborne transmission) with rodent excretions.

Signs and symptoms:
Typically occur 1-3 weeks after the patient comes into contact with the virus

Person to person contact both community and health care settings,

• •

Fever Retro sternal pain (pain behind the chest wall)

Nosocomial Transmission where the virus spread by contaminated medical equipments like reusable needles.


Be Aware of the fact that World Health Organization (WHO) in Liberia Reported Total of 12 cases of Lassa Fever as of January 2010 from Grand Bassa County and Weekly about 18-25 cases of Cholera from Montserrado including central Monrovia. For further information please read the attached documents.


Lassa fever is difficult to distinguish from many other diseases which causing fever including • Elevated Aspartate Aminotransmalaria, typhoid, yellow fever and ferase (AST) levels in the blood other viral hemorrhagic fever. Laboratory test performed to diagnose the disease and...
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