Laser Eye Surgery (Retina Detachment)

Topics: Laser, LASIK, Ophthalmology Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: October 21, 2012
The invention of the laser surgery was not a tedious and complicated one. But there were definitely spaces for trial and error as ophthalmologists Charles J. Campbell (1926-), H. Christian Zweng (1925-), Milton M. Zaret (1927-) and physicist Theodore Harold Maiman (1927-) learnt. The term “laser” is actually an acronym for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The Ophthalmic surgery (eye surgery) was initially developed from the concentration of conventianal light by maginyfying glasses. This inventions works as atoms are highly energized within a laser and when the atoms lose its energy in the form of light, it stimulates other atoms in close ranges to emit light of the same fequency and in the same direction. This domino effect produces a cascade of identical light waves which oscillates back and forth between the mirrors in the laser cavity. Only one of these mirrors are partially reflective, allowing some of the laser light produced to pass though and further concentrated into small burst of high intensity. Theodore Harolf Maiman made his discovery of the first laser, public on July 7th 1960, and the ruby lasers haad been used for medical purposes shortly thereafter. The treatment of retinal tears with a pulsed ruby laser was the first substantial ophthalmic application of any laser system. In 1962, Zweng, along with several associates, discovered that a laser can be used to cause photocoagulation of a retinal tear by forming an adhesive scar. As a result, despite the traction, the retina does not detach. But there was much space for improvement as the ruby laser could only serve as a prevention not a cure because it could be ineffective is a large area of the retina has detached calling for major retinal detachment surgery. Slowly, the argon laser, a beam composed of blue-green light that aim on the desired portion of the eye was more accurate than Maiman’s ruby laser was introduced. Although the ruby laser was found highly...
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