Las Uniones Temporales de Empresas: Una Forma de Negocio En Colab...

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Las Uniones Temporales de Empresas: Una Forma de Negocio En Colaboración

By | July 2010
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All over the world, people of all ages wear jeans. Why is this? What does this situation say about ‘culture’?

Firstly, I want to star defining what culture is. This definition of culture is not accepted for all, but it is accepted for the majority of people. Culture is the set of values, beliefs and customs which participants of society utilize, respect and believe to interactive between them and the world. Culture is learned and transmitted between generations like strategy to maintain the personal characteristic of a group. Culture can has different kind of manifestations such as dressing, music, religion, childcare, and so on. One of the most characteristics and representative way to express culture is through dressing. This kind of manifestation is strongly seen in oriental and middle-east cultures. However, as the world changes cultures spreads their values or beliefs to different parts of the world as well. In this sense, we can see how the hip-hop culture has crossed frontiers in the last 10 years creating a global village in the currently world. In this case, technological advances have played an important role as cultural transmitter which has given people the possibility to know about a wide range of cultures around the world. Culture can be associated with symbols. For example, Oceanic countries as New Zealand and Australian have the surfboard as symbol of their surfing culture and the love for the sea. This situation must not surprise us because both are islands with extend oceanic coasts to practice this sport. So, the culture can be related to physical conditions that a place provides too. Following the analyses between symbols and culture, we can see an interesting connection not only how jeans represent American culture, but also how using jeans become a global culture around the world. Jeans become famous in 1950s when American people adopted it from American workers because of jeans were cheaper to buy, had-wearing clothe and comfortable to...

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