Las Piñas City Case Study

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Las Piñas was one of the earliest fishing settlements on the shores of Manila Bay and was proclaimed a town either in 1762 or 1797. Its exact date of creation cannot be ascertained because historical records vary. Cavada, a Spanish historian and Fr. Juan Medina placed it at 1762, while Buzeta recorded the date at 1797.

Besides being famous for its Bamboo Organ, which was built by Fr. Diego Cera and completed in 1824, the town of Las Piñas was also a major war theater during the 1896 Philippine Revolution, as it was occupied by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo's forces. Las Piñas was also, occupied by the Japanese during Second World War, to be followed by the liberation period, when the combined Filipino and American forces fought the Japanese Imperial armed forces until the end of war.


The City of Las Piñas is a city in the National Capital Region of the Philippines with a population of population was 552,573 as of the 2010 Census. It is bounded on the north and northeast by the Parañaque; on the east and southeast by Muntinlupa; on the south by the Imus; on the southwest and west by Bacoor; and on the northwest by the scenic Manila Bay. Half of its land area is residential and the remaining half is used for commercial, industrial and institutional purposes. The present physiography of Las Piñas consists of three zones: Manila Bay, coastal margin and Guadalupe Plateau.

The city is bisected by Real (Spanish for Royal) Street, also known as the Alabang-Zapote Road. It forms part of the Maharlika Highway which spans the whole country. The Alabang–Zapote Road connects the South Luzon Expressway which passes through Muntinlupa in the east to the Coastal Road along Manila Bay.

The Coastal Road, despite its name, is a major toll way which runs the southern length of Metro Manila's shoreline with Manila Bay. It is an important artery for people commuting to and from Las Piñas and Cavite to Manila.

Like its neighboring city Muntinlupa, Las Piñas currently bans the use of Plastics and Styrofoam for packaging.


In 1901, the Municipality of Las Piñas was incorporated from Cavite to the newly created province of Rizal pursuant to Philippine Commission Act No. 137. Two years later, it was combined with Parañaque, the latter being the seat of a new municipal government.

It became a separate municipality from Parañaque on March 27, 1907 by virtue of Philippine Commission Act No. 1625. Then, with the founding of the Metropolitan Manila Area (Metro Manila in short) in 1976, Las Piñas became one of the municipalities making up the region.

On February 12, 1997, President Fidel V. Ramos signed the bill declaring Las Piñas a new city. A plebiscite held a month after found the residents in approval of cityhood and Las Piñas became the 10th city of Metro Manila on March 26, 1997.


Las Piñas, also known as one of the cleanest cities in Metro Manila, is in the list of the "Clean and Green Hall of Fame" awarded by the Philippine Government. It is also the first local government unit in the Philippines that has been honored with the prestigious Global 500 Roll of Honour of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). These honors were in recognition of the city's outstanding achievements in the protection and improvement of the environment. Las Piñas has recently acquired the status "Most Competitive City" in the Philippines, together with Davao City, Makati, Muntinlupa and Marikina.


Las Piñas City has a road length of about 80,395.97 kilometers. City roads comprise about 92% of total roads while national roads are only about eight percent. Modes of public transit are buses, jeepneys, taxis and tricycles.

Road Network
Las Piñas City is accessible through these major roads:
Aguinaldo Highway
Alabang-Zapote Road
Carlos P. Garcia Avenue (C-5 Road Extension)
Daang Hari (Las Piñas, Muntinlupa, Cavite, Laguna Link Road) J. Aguilar Avenue
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