Larson in Nigeria

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  • Published : October 9, 2008
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Executive Summary
In June 1979 Larson flew to Kano, Nigeria, to begin a two-year term in an agricultural ministry in the Kano area. He returned to the United States in 1981 and enrolled in the Interdisciplinary track of Wheaton Graduate School. In June 1982 he returned to Nigeria under SIM, where he planned to complete his graduate degree while continuing mission work. In August 1984, Larson returned to Wheaton College Graduate School and received an M.A. in 1986. Larson established a joint venture in Nigeria in 1994, with local partner who held 25% of the joint venture equity. Basically, the summary is that the vice-president of international operations must decide whether to continue to operate or abandon the company's Nigerian joint venture. Although the expatriate general manager of the Nigerian operation has delivered a very pessimistic report, Larson’s own hunch was to stay in that country. Maintaining the operation was complicated by problems in staffing, complying with a promise to increase the share of local ownership, a joint venture partner with divergent views, and increasing costs of doing business in Nigeria. If Larson decides to maintain the existing operation, the issues of increasing local equity participation (i.e. coping with indigenization) and staffing problems (especially in terms of the joint venture general manager), Liquidity and cash flow problems, labor and recruiting issues, environmental and living conditions and uninspiring morale have to be addressed. Also mentioned as problems are cash flow and governmental restrains. Possible solutions include; Instituting account manager to penalize, forward payments and validate information, creating an international coalition of multinational businesses to lobby the government for workable policies, creating an environment that promotes trust, honesty and a family atmosphere through training, and incentive programs and teamwork.

Larson in Nigeria for business purposes, Nigeria is...
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