Lars and the Real Girl

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Film Paper
Lars and the Real Girl
Lars is a lonely, shy and socially awkward man living in a converted garage behind his brother and sister-in-laws house. He develops a relationship with a life sized sex doll that he ordered online named Bianca, causing him to detach from reality. Since Lars is convinced that Bianca is a real person, his brother Gus convinces Lars to take Bianca to see a family doctor who is also a psychologist. Through the treatments for Bianca, the doctor is able to diagnosis that it is a delusion of Lars own creation and that people need to act like Bianca is a real person. This is where the film connects to the church by bringing the whole community together to bring Lars back to the person he should be.

Lars belonged to a small Christian church that helped him through a lot throughout the film, although at first they were all a little hesitant. In the film, Reverend Bock delivers a sermon on the church’s “only one law” – “love one another” meaning if you’re not living it then it is not real. He concludes, “Love is God in action.” This sermon is reflected on a lot throughout the film. Even though it was hard for the community to see Lars bring a fake doll with him everywhere acting like it was his real life girlfriend, they came together and did things to make Lars feel good about himself. The community brought flowers to his doorstep when they found out Bianca was sick. Gus and his wife even bathed Bianca as if she was a real human being. Also, a few ladies in the community gave Bianca a job at a local school. This gestures show us that it is fully hard to except things people do, but in the end they are helping out a friend in need.

Without the community coming together and accepting what Lars is doing, Lars would have never felt at one with himself. He would still be dwelling on his parents’ deaths when he was a young child among other hard times he went through to bring him where he is today. Corinthians 13 says,...
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