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Decoding Larry Page Leadership style

This paper analyses the different behaviors that define Google’s co-founder and CEO leadership and management traits and style. -------------------------------------------------
Decoding Larry Page Leadership style

This paper analyses the different behaviors that define Google’s co-founder and CEO leadership and management traits and style.

Aymee Flores
March 8th, 2011
Aymee Flores
March 8th, 2011

Decoding Larry Page Leadership Style4
How Larry Page’s Leadership Styles relate to my mine9
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Lawrence “Larry: page was born march 26, 1993 in East Lancing, Michigan. He was born into a family of computer experts. His father was a pioneer in artificial intelligence and computer science and is mother a computer programing teacher. He grew up in a house where technology was the norm, computers parts and Popular Mechanics magazines where everywhere. His older brother taught him from early on how to disarm artifacts in order to find out how they worked, this fueled his knowledge and motivation greatly to begin inventing, he once built a working inkjet printer out of LEGOS, at age twelve Page already knew he was going to have a company eventually. Page was first attended the University of Michigan for a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and then decided to pursue a master’s degree in computer science at the Stanford University, here is where he met Sergey Brin and started the project that would change his life forever. The idea began while searching a dissertation theme about exploring the mathematical properties of the World Wide Web. According to John Battelle, founder of “Wired” magazine page assumed that web links where just citations so his project named “Backrub” was about classifying and counting all the backlinks of the World Wide Web and according to Page it would make it a more valuable place. At the beginning of “Backrub” the World Wide Web could be sought as a giant book without an index, so the goal of the project was to gather data and index it using what is called a web crawler, a bot programmed to perform this specific task. Then Page and Brin created their first product called “Pagerank” which was an algorithm that assigned numerical weighting to the hyperlinks already indexed by the web crawler and measure its importance, from here he created a search engine that was far more effective than the ones that already existed. This new Google search engine made its first debut at the Stanford University webpage in 1996. Together with is partner Brin in 1998 he founded Google Inc. at the time he hired Eric Schmidt as a CEO. The company’s mission was “To organize the World’s Information and to make it universally useful and accessible.” In 2006 the company was already made public and had its main quarter in Mountain view, California. Google Inc. grew very quickly and began to add more products and services such as email, advertising services, location services, productivity software and photo editing software and much more other breakthrough and innovative services and products just as the Android mobile operating system and Google Chrome Browser. Today is listed as the internet most visited website in the U.S according to Alexa Traffic Rank. And many of its famous brands are in the top hundred most visited sites such as YouTube and Blogger. According to an article by the social media online magazine Mashable, Google reported earnings of 50 billion dollars in January 2013 and is still expanding.

Decoding Larry Page Leadership Style

Because of his decision of hiring Eric Schmidt as CEO back in 2001 Larry Page was often cataloged as an introvert leader and when he took back the title of CEO in 2011 he didn’t hold any big meetings, interviews. What matters the most to Page is innovating this can be appreciated by...
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