Large Youth Population

Topics: Youth, Sovereign state, Unemployment Pages: 5 (1591 words) Published: May 30, 2012
 Introduction
 Hopes Of Youth
 Role And Responsibilities Of Youth In Country’s Progress  Youth In Pakistan: Some Statistics
 Problems Faced By Youth In Pakistan
• Frustration
• Deteriorating Academic Standards
• Unemployment
• Poverty
• Child Labour
• Growing Use Of Narcotics
• Suicide
• Pressure Of A Rigid Family System
• Dismal Role Of Media
 Suggestions
 Conclusion


Youth are the building blocks of a nation. It is a fact that the more stronger the youth, the more developed the nation is. The role of the youth in the nation-building occupies the central place. The countries which utilize their youth in as right direction are more developed. The energy and brightness of minds of youth act as torch-bearer for a nation. On the contrary, the countries which fail to realize the importance of the youth lag behind in every department of life. This is one of the reasons of the backwardness of Pakistan. Hence the youth lacks proper patronage. Developed countries are totally aware of the worth of their. They consider their youth as an asset. Most important, these countries cater to the needs of their youth and provide them education, employment, recreational activities etc. such healthy and competitive environment prepare the youth to lead the country through thick and thin. If youth is not in the right direction and is unconcerned about the future of the nation, it will become a burden for the nation. Consequently, it will not play any productive role.

The youth hopes for a world free of poverty, unemployment, inequality and exploitation of man by man. They want a world free of discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, language and gender.

The countries where the youth are agile and pay their proper contributions towards their nation are more developed. The entire success of a nation depends on the youth. It is the duty of the government to provide the youth with ample opportunities to play their role in an effective manner. Parents also have a major responsibility to fulfil. They must induce patriotic feelings in their young ones. The youth fraught with patriotism would lead the nation to the front. The youth have following role and responsibilities towards their nation.

• They must get proper and complete education.
• Take part in welfare activities.
• Spread awareness and education among the masses about their rights and responsibilities. • Help other youths in building confidence and pursuing the field of interest. • Guide newcomers in every field on right lines.

• Promotes the fair image of the country before the world. • Serve the country with their skills and talent in various fields. • To nip in the bud all the evils that are polluting our society. • To reinvigorate the culture, trend and traditions of the society. • Help the government in the implementation of policies.

• They can play a vital role in the elimination of terrorism. • The young people are full of vibrant ideas. Their ideas can show the country a new path towards prosperity. • Young people have energy to try out things and the patience to learn from mistakes. Giving them opportunities to plan, to decide and to work prepares them to face harsher realities in life. • Young participation is important because youth are the country’s power. Youth recognize problems and can solve them. Youth are strong force in social movements.

Pakistan has a large youth population. An estimated 103 million or 63% of the population fall under the age of 25 years. Due to endemic poverty, the majority of youth in Pakistan do not have the opportunity to experience a childhood. Male youth literacy rate is estimated to be 53% and female youth literacy rate is even lower at 42%. As far employment is concerned 15% of the youth is unemployed.

Despite constituting a major chunk of our population, our youth are lagging behind in every field. Thy have a major role to play in country’s progress but due to government’s...
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