Large Virtual Team Management

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Large virtual team Management

“Leadership is the ability to get men to do what they don’t want to do and like it”, (Cohen et al. 2001, p254) quoting Harry Truman. This can be achieved forcible, threat of danger or by content, process and behavior. The latter is the selection for a successful team and an environment that breathe success. Assumptions

The assumptions are made that the team is fluent in the English language and have agreed on a subgrouping arrangement by time zones. There is an intranet system for communication and each group has a leader. There is also teleconferencing available but would only be used at the group leaders’ level. All participating volunteers are professionals and will approach their work the same. Team structure

• Sub teams by geographical time zones
• Code of ethics for team and sub teams
As part of the expectations of the behavior of all teams and sub teams the following are expected of and adherence to, the concept of (Laureate Education Inc. 2011, p. 88): • Mutual trust
• Interdependency
• Accountability
• Valuing individual differences
• Transparency
• Learning and recognition
Team processes:
• Team and sub teams meetings
• Roles and responsibilities
• Communication
• Decision making
• Measuring performance
• Team feedback
The behavior and processes are functions that will create cohesion, multiply motivation, place individual and team goals on a path to success, transparency that encourages the buy-in concept to the goals, clothes in the content of the team and having a schedule time in which tasks are to be completed. Content is the vision, process the tools and procedures and behavior is collective human interaction of the team, (Laureate Education Inc.2011). Not synchronize, failure is most likely, but synchronized content, process and behavior is a force for success. Three most important issues

1. Synchronizing the time...
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