Large Hadron Collider

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  • Published: February 11, 2013
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Brian Hazel
Large Hadron Collider
When I had first stumbled upon the Large Hadron Collider(LHC) about two years ago while lurking the depths of the internet; I was presented with pictures of a large metal cylinder hanging in what appeared to be an old prison remodeled into a scientific workplace. I had later learned that this picture was but a mere section of this behemoth of a particle accelerator. The entire synchrotron; which is the particular design of this particle accelerator, is 17 miles in circumference, sits below the earth as deep as 574ft, and is located at the CERN laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. With a project of this magnitude, one would already ponder the cost of such a feat; that cost would be an astonishing amount of money equaling around 9 billion US Dollars, easily making this project one of the most expensive scientific research creations of all time. In my discussion of the LHC, I do not wish to elaborate on the operational physics of the construct nor do I plan on going too in-depth on the subject of particle physics, as I am not a physicist: my goal is to touch on the significance of its creation and perhaps provide some modern insight on the advancements in technology, philosophy, and physics: and how they were all conceived through mathematics.(Overbye, Dennis)

Constructing something as expensive, complex, and labor intensive as the LHC makes the mind ponder gwhy?h What could possibly make this thing worth the investment? What kind of information, if any, could this contraption bring to light? From what I have gathered, scientist hope that experiments conducted within the LHC will help them answer some of the most fundamental questions in physics and even heralding a revolution in our understanding of the universe. While many of the big questions that scientist believe the LHC will answer require a physics degree to even slightly comprehend, I would summarize their intentions as...
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