Laptop vs Pc

Topics: Personal computer, Difference, Battery Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Laptop vs Pc
Since the invention of computer, it has developed and became essential part of our everyday life. People started to depend on computers on many ways. One of main differences is mobile and size. Laptop is small and light, it is design that way so it could be used almost everywhere and you can use it almost everywhere. However, Pc takes a large space, and cannot moved wherever you want because it is heavy and it has many devises linked to it. Unlike laptop, Pc needs to be on a table with chair to use at home or at office. In addition, there is a great difference in the things they need to make them work. Pc is needs many things to work. It needs a screen, mouse ,power source, keyboard system unit and cables. In contrast, Laptop needs just a charger and a power source because it has everything in it. Fortunately, laptop has a battery that can make it work for sometime without being linked to any power source. However, laptop and Pc use similarities. Both have same operating systems. They can be used for the same goals. Most of laptops or Pc’s were made by the same companies. In addition, it is possible to make your own programs and use it in both without any problems. Finally, we can see the similarities and differences, but the differences are more than the similarities. Some people might said that Pc is better than laptop. In my opinion both of them have the same benefits, but they are used in different ways.
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