Laptop Consumer Purchasing Report

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Laptop Consumer Purchasing Report


I have been asked to gather information regarding Laptops via primary and secondary research. Laptops can be a relatively expensive purchase. This in mind it is important the consumer gets the most out of their purchase without paying more than they need to. Laptops are used by many different demographics of consumers and different laptops suit different people’s needs. This report aims to assist consumers with their purchasing decision. The information gathered should help conclude the following objectives;

How much people have paid for their Laptop, if they own one •How much someone without a Laptop, or someone looking to purchase a new Laptop would be willing to pay for one •What are the main specifications people look for when purchasing a Laptop

This report will be completed by Kyle Kennedy for Kevin Gorham and will be completed by 25/05/2012.


The two main methods of research for this report will be a questionnaire – to be completed by 35 respondents – which is a form of primary research, and secondary research, which will compile of internet information and information gathered from Laptop retailers.

Questionnaire –

In order to create a questionnaire the online program SurveyMonkey will be used; This is a website in which people can create surveys online and send them out with ease (via a URL link) and results are gathered and presented to the creator in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. Using SurveyMonkey is a good method for collecting information as it is quick and easy for the respondent. All they need to do is open the link, fill it in and results are automatically updated for the person who sent it.

Secondary -

A number of websites will be visited to get a wide range of Laptops currently on offer to consumers. A number of considerations will be made while this research is taking place, e.g. Price, Specifications, Make/Model etc. Laptop retailers will also be visited in order to gain information regarding Laptop consumer trends. Some examples of stores that will be visited include Curry’s, Pc World and Tesco.

The information which is gathered will then be analyzed and presented in the ‘results’ section of this report and relevant calculations, e.g. Mean, Median and Mode of the results will be presented in the ‘findings’ section. Conclusions and an Evaluation will then be given.


The structure of the questionnaire and how the questions are asked are vital to the success of the survey. Some points which were considered while writing this questionnaire include;

Keeping it short – SurveyMonkey only permits a maximum of 10 questions, which is good for this particular survey because if it were too long people could get frustrated and not finish it, or if they see it is long from the beginning they may disregard it altogether. Not only is it important to keep the survey short, but each individual question should be relatively short as well, so as people don’t lose interest.

Easy to understand – No ‘big words’ were used in the survey, and the easiest method of answering was used for all questions. This is because the simpler it is the more likely you are to receive maximised respondents.

Making each question count – As it is good to keep the questionnaire short, it means every question needs to count in order for the research objectives to be achieved.

Question answers – The answers to the questions are mainly all multiple choice, this makes it easier for people to answer and if its easier the more likely you are to receive respondents.

Questions – In order to get the most out of the questions I followed a few rules; - Don’t use double negatives
- Avoid Combination questions (e.g. Do you like pizza and burgers?) - Do not use leading questions which imply the response which is wanted

Example of Questionnaire

Question 1 asks if the respondent owns a Laptop....
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