Lanzones Peelings as Mosquito Coil

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  • Published: January 23, 2013
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Chapter I
Introduction to the Study
Chapter One is composed of six parts : (1) Background of the study, (2) Theoretical Framework, (3) Statement of the Problem and Hypothesis, (4) Significance of the Study, (5) Delimitation of the Study, and (6) Definition of Terms.

Part One, Background of the study, justifies the need for conducting the study and discusses the choice for the problem. Part Two, Theoretical Framework, presents the related studies from where the present investigation was based.

Part Two, Statement of the Problem and Hypothesis, includes the general objective of the study, the specific question which the study seeks to answer and the hypotheses to be tested.
Part Three, Significance of the Study, discusses the importance of the study, specifies the benefits that may be derived from the results and the persons, groups and sector that would benefit the research.

Part Four, Delimitation of the Study, indicates the limits, coverage, and boundaries of the study and discusses the issues of the research in relation with the time frame.
Part Five, Definition of Terms provides the conceptual and operational definition of some important term as they are used in the study.

Background of the Study
Our society is surrounded by many types of diseases and illness that spreads out and infect people. The fast spread of diseases carrying mosquitoes is one of the major problems in the community. In line with this basic problem, numerous researchers have been conducted regarding the use of insecticides from commonly grown plants in the Philippines. Mosquito, is a common name for about 2000 species of two-winged insects. They are found from the tropics to the Arctic Circle from low lands to the peaks of high mountains. Mosquitoes have long slender wings and are unusual among flies in having small scales in the most of the wing veins. The body is narrow. The long antennae have numerous whorls of hair, short in the female and long bushy in the male. In...
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