Language Use Essay

Topics: Formal system, Context-free grammar, Word Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Language Use Essay
Language can be considered as a work of art. The way one speaks imprints one’s personality and knowledge. However, language does not exist in a vacuum. It develops over the course of time according to a society’s and an individual’s needs. There are a number of ways to express identical thoughts. Educated people would most likely distinguish between the use of language in formal and informal situations. Specifically, one would use informal language with familiar people such as friends and family. For example, people often use, “What’s up?” to greet with members they generously know better with. Also slang words are usually applied to ordinary conversations. Such as the phrase: “My bad.” Is frequently employed if a teen has made a mistake. It literarily means what it appears to mean: “I was bad!” In casual discussions, such as chatting with younger people, or talking with parents, it is unnecessary to follow the rules of grammar as carefully as one would in a formal address or a business letter. If a person utilizes excessive formal rules of grammar in an informal situation, he may come across as being stuffy and unnatural. It is as wearing a coattail to an ordinary business meeting. Another great example would be instant messaging. Modern technology allows people to text; this advancement promoted people’s laziness. People often use abbreviations instead of typing out the entire word. For instance, in informal text, the word “you” evolves into a single letter “u”, and the word “love” changes into “luv”. Linguistic forms will change over a period of time based on individual’s needs. Contrarily, one would use another form of language in formal situations such as a job interview and professional conversations. Unlike informal English, formal English adheres rules of grammar very strictly; sentences tend to be longer, more complex and well thought out. For instance, formal set of writing does not contain...
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