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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Please Read: These tasks are designed to help you think about the English language and how it works. It should also help you decide what kind of review you need. Your answers to the tasks may also be referred to in an interview, so it might be useful for you to make a copy of this task. You may wish to refer to a grammar reference book such as: Michael Swan, Practical English Usage, Oxford University Press, 1995 Please write by hand if you’re not submitting this by e-mail. I. LANGUAGE A. Grammar Look at the incorrect sentences below and: a) correct the verb; b) name the tense; c) comment briefly on the use of the correct tense. Example: I took a shower when the doorbell rang. Correction: I was taking a shower when the doorbell rang. Tense: Past continuous/progressive Use: An action already in progress at a particular time in the past. 1.

I had been to France two years ago.

Correction: I went to France two years ago. Tense: Past tense Use: To describe an action or event of the past. 2. I’ve been understanding you all along. Correction: I’ve understood you all along. Tense: Present perfect Use: To describe an action in the unspecified past, with relevance to the present. 3. Look at the sky! It will rain. Correction: Look at the sky! It is going to rain. Tense: Future

Use: To express an action or event that has not occurred yet but will or might occur in the future.

B. Meaning How would you explain to a foreign learner the difference in meaning between the following sets of sentences? Example: A. I like going to the beach. B. I’d like to go to the beach. Explanation: A: Means ‘I like it in general’ and describes someone’s habits/hobbies. B: Means ‘I want’ to go - at some future time, maybe tomorrow. 1. She remembered meeting him. She remembered to meet him. Explanation: A. Means ‘She has met him before’ and remembers him from then. B. Means ‘She had agreed to meet him’ and remembered to do so. 2. I used to play tennis. I am used to playing tennis. I...
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