Language Related Task Assignment 1 Celta

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Look at the sentences below and identify the following:
the verb form and structure
the meaning (contrast the vocabulary items in number 4)
possible student difficulties (in terms of form, meaning and phonology) a likely context through which you could teach the language (who says this sentence to whom and why?) check questions you might ask to check understanding (think about this in relation to your answer for b), your analysis of the function/meaning).

The plane leaves at 10.00 tomorrow.
If I had a lot of money, I’d buy a boat.
You should go to the doctor.
She’s a stranger / She’s a foreigner.
I’ve just had lunch.
I’m going to visit my aunt tomorrow.

Example: I’m seeing the doctor tomorrow at 2.00.
present continuous
auxiliary to be in the present tense + main verb with ing
Talking about a future arrangement.
Students may omit the verb ‘to be’ in forming the sentence.(F) Students may use the infinitive of the verb instead of ‘ing’. (F) Students may have difficulty in understanding that we are talking about the future because of the present continuous. (M) Students may have difficulty understanding that it is an arrangement. (M) Students may have pronunciation difficulties with the contracted form of the verb to be. (Ph) Students may have pronunciation difficulties with the final consonant sound in –ing (Ph) Someone talking about his engagement diary entries for the following week in order to arrange to meet his friend for a drink. Is this about the present or the future? (The future). Does the receptionist know about it? (Yes). How does he/she know? (They made an appointment).

Assessment criteria

The design of the assignment to include:
Candidates can demonstrate their learning by:
Length 750–1,000 words
• identification of significant features of the form,
phonology, meaning and use of language
items/areas and the use of relevant information
from reference materials
a. analysing language correctly for teaching
b. correctly using terminology relating to form,
meaning and phonology when analysing
c. accessing reference materials and referencing information they have learned about language to an appropriate source d. using written language that is clear, accurate and appropriate to the task Taken from the CELTA syllabus © UCLES 2007

Designed by Marie Therese Swabey

The plane leaves at 10.00 tomorrow.

Verb form and structure
Present simple
Subject+ base form of verb + s [3rd person] irregular verb
Scheduled event in the near future, means every time the plane leaves at that particular time according to schedule (habitual) Possible student difficulties
Students may use the modification of the verb "to leave" incorrectly, omitting the ‘s’ from the verb and not using 3rd person (F) Students may forget the preposition after the verb, and the article at the beginning of the sentence. To use "will" changes to future simple (F) The present simple form of this sentence may be confusing to students as they may not understand that we are talking about the future (M) Students may confuse verb form "to leave" as a noun and may not associate this language with travel (M) Students may pronounce the verb as "leh-ahves" (Ph)

Students may be unsure of where the stress is in the word "tomorrow" (Ph)

Context applied in teaching
Role play of passenger asking train conductor what time next train to Manchester is departing CCQ's
Is this an event happening in the future or happening now? (Future) Is this event planned for the future? (Yes)
English course finishes in one month time, is this happening now or in the future? (In the future)

If I had a lot of money, I’d buy a boat.

Verb form and structure
Present second conditional
‘If’’ +subject+ ‘past simple/perfect’ + subject+‘would’+ base form of verb Meaning
Future action depends on the result of another future...
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