Language Proposal

Topics: Language, Official language, Russia Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Bazakhstan’s diversity and rich regional cultures should all be respected when this language proposal is implemented in the nation. This proposal has taken more care to respect the differences of the regional tribes, while still attempting to unify the nation. The national language that shall be designated in Bazakhstan shall be Bolgar. This designation as a national language was chosen because of the group’s powerful effort in the independence movement against the Russian Federation. Although there was not a large war against the Russian Federation, the Russian influence is still too large in this new independent nation. Bolgar’s have control of the government through the presidency and they are prevalently high in the other important domains in life such as business and education. They are highly educated and mostly live in urban areas and the Bolgar language is associated with power and high class due to the success of the people that use it. Having much literature in Bolgar and having a written language also elevates its status in Bazakhstan. It is also under the language group of Turkic, which is native to Bazakhstan, so it does not have any stigma of being an outsider language. The exposure of the language is also prevalent throughout the entire nation because of the influence of the Bazakhstan government. Even though the population of Bolgars is much less than the rest of the other groups, it is the political power that they hold that allows their language to be respected by the others. Other groups might look up to the Bolgars because they might see them as the privileged class. There does seem to be some hostility from the Nogai and the Gaguz, but since the Nogai are historically outsiders and the Gaguz are seen as unintelligent, uncultured and argumentative, the rest of the nation will not really react as hostile to the declaration of Bolgar as a national language in Bazakhstan. It will take some time to get these two groups to respect the...
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